Research & Technology

Lux is greatly focused towards improvement in its products and also its policies. Lux Industries has always emphasized on quality, innovations and technology to meet their consumers' expectations. Technology keeps changing and up gradation is a continuous process. So to keep the pace with ever changing scientific skills, imported machines considered to be technologically best globally were installed in our factories over the years.

As yarn is the major raw material for us, at Lux we always make sure that the best cotton are sourced in to meet our requirements from the best yarn manufacturers of India and abroad.

Lux has brought cutting-edge technology orientation by introducing a bouquet of modern machineries and equipment imported from reputed brands from all over the world like Singapore, Italy, Germany and China, a validation of our belief in working with only leading suppliers. For our Dankuni plant, imported state of the art equipments from Morgan Tecnica, Mayer & Cie, Bierrebi, Hi-tech Fabric Inspection Machines, Eastman Machineries, Siruba, Juki and Brothers, etc. are installed which reduce wastages and help us bringing efficiency in manufacturing process, reduces time and improve quality.

Extensive quality controls besides in-house knitting and cutting of the fabrics ensures execution and maintenance of same quality parameters across all production. The organization backend runs on sophisticated SAAP which ensures that all procedures of manufacturing are well-documented and professionally managed.